Transition Team meeting notes 2/5/2018

Transition Team Meeting

Feb. 5, 2018

Present:  Kathy, Jan, Karen, Susan, Cindy, Silver, Peter, Blake

Potluck Feedback:

  • Too much food; do it differently next time (less food and arrange for surplus to go to Trinity)
  • Rename it as the “First Annual Green Dot Potluck
  • Feedback from attendees: great information, wanted to know more, appreciated hearing elevator speech. (At the Potluck, there was a request to put a video version of the elevator speech on the website or Facebook.)
  • Sign-up sheet at future events so we get names of attendees
  • Provide more handouts next time and sign ups for specific info
  • Should now do a press release
  • ACTION:  Jan will do text if photo is chosen and sent to her.  Peter gave her access to Images on Google Drive. If we need releases, Cindy and Peter will make calls.
  • PHOTOS:  Photos go to Peter for digital storage; Peter stores on Green Dot Google Drive where Natalie has access and uses for FB




  • Monday March 5th (tentative): Presentation at Auburn City Council;  still working on details with mayor’s office;  proclamation or perhaps a workshop;  Kathy will suggest proclamation on 5th and workshop on March 19th.
  • **** Silver and Cindy deliver RACK CARDS to BSB for Monday morning.
  • Tuesday March 6th (tentative):  Presentation at Lewiston City Council;  Kathy still working on communication about this.
  • Wednesday March 7th:  Chamber Power Lunch  12-1 Training ( Blake and ? Karen, Silver, Peter)
  • Thursday March 8th  at noon (Friday March 8th weather date):  Downtown Lewiston walk around.  Meet at park on Lisbon, visit Collins office, LPL, Simones, Somali stores.  Group can break up into smaller groups to have lunch at various places?  Spokespeople:  Kathy and Karen. Have handouts and cards.

ACTION: Peter will send email to all requesting commitments to above events; should indicate time commitment for each

ACTION:  Need to give heads up to stops for the Thursday walk. 

Quilt Display:

  • Bangor Savings – leave it for ~ 1 month;  quilters will deliver and set up
  • Brainstorm other places
  • Create “Care Of  Quilt“ instructions for displayers – feedback from quilters
  • Need to take photos of quilting and quilt when on display


Expense Items Approved:

  • Rack Cards 1000 for $110
  • Banner @ $75 (question about black lettering font change?)
  • Graphic Design for Bright’s work:  4 hours @ $25 per hour = $100
  • Stipend (amt TBD for instructors who take time off from work – discuss at next meeting)


Other PR ideas: 

  • Goal of a public event monthly after launch for at least 4-6 months.
  • Local radio shows for April/May.
  • Brainstorm/create 6 to 12-month timeline (Peter and Susan will create initial draft).
  • Calendar to plan and track quilt displays.
  • Meet-ups (lunch with Bates Green Dot instructors).
  • Business cards, buttons and remaining t-shirts will be at both YWCA and Elias’ house.


Practice Sessions/Instructors:

  • Silver, Blake and Peter do not have a formal inventory of potential presenters, their intent, or their status. Peter and Silver will email them to find out.
  • Estimated Blake, Silver, Karen, Peter as initial 60-minute presenters. At least 4-6 others have been involved and are practicing.


Outreach to Immigrant Organizations/Community

  • Discussion and agreement that we want immigrant community involved in planning and telling us how we can best serve. Depending on their wishes, that could be through membership on Transition-Steering Team or through regular conversations.
  • Start by reaching out and finding out what they want.
  • Karen will contact Fatuma Hussein (Immigrant Resource Center of Maine) and the Franco Center with info about the March launch; explore ways to get their input about how Green Dot can bring workshops to their groups. 


Parking lot issues still to be addressed:

  • Intake process
  • Review and improve communications
  • Webinars