Transition Team meeting notes 2/21/2018

Green Dot LA Transition Team

February 21, 2018


Present: Blake Reilly, Jan Phillips, Kathy Durgin-Leighton, Natalie, Karen Lane, Silver ,  Susan Cooper, Cindy Elias,  Barbara McManus


General PR and PR specific to Launch week:  Susan Cooper

** spread word to wear t-shirts and buttons ALL WEEK;  Peter spread word on line. Natalie can be at many events to take photos- Peter at Chamber for sure; others can take candids.

**Natalie:  FB Event page; call it Green Dot LA launch week;

** Rack cards (1000) and banner look good.

** Less expensive through YWCA; Susan compared prices; Jan reminded us that it is  important to support businesses in our community by using them for printing etc.

** Susan says that going forward we should always be asking if we could do better; keep a running list of suggestions; always be thinking about whether a professional graphic artist would be an important addition.

** Thank you to Bright who has been paid.


Quilt Update:

** Wendy will hang it at Bangor Savings with racks

** Natalie will take pictures at bank when it is hung; maybe Peter can go too.

** Encourage BSB to put in their website and newsletter

** Asked quilters to watch for quilt shows in Maine and beyond to hang and spread Green Dot awareness

** Kitsie and Susan feel there is a story/press release; Kitise is putting together an artist’s statement.  

** Connect with PR people from Bank – Kathy has their business cards.

** Susan noted that LPL director did not think a stop there would  be appropriate but definitely wanted to have quilt hung

** Note from APL director indicated interest in having it there  


Council meetings:

** Need to be prepared for council meetings;  treat as if press is there because cameras are rolling.  

** Auburn City Council – Kathy and Jan still have to confirm

** Lewiston City Council - Kathy has not gotten a firm time on the agenda;  people need to be there at beginning Opening comment  7 p.m. ?

** Blake suggests Patrick Gagnon for Lewiston City Council – if not, Blake will do it

** Peter will speak at Auburn City Council  (3 minutes )

** Need more asks for people to go – we have 10 who say they will so that could be enough.


Chamber Power Lunch

**Open to all Chamber members but they need to register.

**Silver will call Chamber at 783 2249 to set up a time for presenters to look at the space. The Chamber is made of of mostly business people so ask Rachel for a list of who is coming so we can tailor examples and activities to their likely needs. (The ALA was helpful in doing this sort of things with Jan.)

** Monday Feb 26, Bates Commons, 5:30 - 7:30 will be full dress rehearsal for Chamber presentation; non-presenters are invited to come to both get a sense of what it will contain and to give suggestions. PETER: please send email including that regular training practices will resume following Launch Week.


Lisbon Walk: DETAILS NEED TO BE CLARIFIED although it will have to go with the flow a bit; be, in Kathy’s term: organic.

**Meet at Dufresne Plaza at 12 noon on Thursday; go to Sen Collins office.

** Banner will be carried parallel to LIsbon Street, NOT perpendicular: blocks flow.

** Kathy will make the call in terms of weather – people can call YWCA or it can be on their FB page.

** Some people still need to contact places on Lisbon St:  Susan Collins office,  Karen has some contacts;  

** Suggestions for places to eat:  Guthries, Forage, Ben’s Burritos. Maybe just have two or three per place

** Peter needs to send a reminder for walk.

**WALK: Discussion as to purpose of walk: is it to be visible or to actually go into certain businesses for conversation and dropping off printed material? Going at noon aims at a very busy time when our presence might be more a nuisance than we would want. Best approach might be to have a few folks break off from the large group to duck into places, ask if they may drop off some business or rack cards, and leave to rejoin the walkers further on. Blake suggested making a map of the route with stops noted so latecomers or dropper-offers can join.

**General idea:  meet at park; Susan Collins, Forage, Bare Bones, Sophia fima, Kennedy Park (hand outs) 4 blocks;  suggestion – practice the walk and see how long it takes (Karen will do this).  SEE NEXT: - thank you, Karen and Sawyer


Karen sent this today:


We walked slowly (because groups of people usually walk more slowly than individuals) from Dufresne Plaza (across from the Federal Courthouse) toward Main St to Sofia Fima (the new handbag store next to the Poliquin Optical building), across the street at the crossing by the mosque, left toward Bear Bones, past Susan Collins office, then Ben's Burritos, then down the block past the Baraka Store (which was closed for no apparent reason) and left on Chestnut Street (where we passed Simones' on our right) took a left at Kennedy Park, walked back past City Hall and took a left on Ash (rejoining Lisbon St at the library entrance)  turned right to head to Forage, then back to Dufresne. The walk took 25 minutes. We counted 9 probable stops and 2 possible additions (Sofia Fima, the mosque (we can't do that without arranging it ahead of time - I think Barbara was going to reach out) Bear Bones, Sen. Collins, Ben's Burritos, possibly Rinck Advertising? Baraka Store, Simones', Forage, Mother India and possibly Healthy Androscoggin?  Another possible stop on that route is the Sun Journal Building itself. So if you imagine stopping for 3 minutes in front of each stop and 25 minutes of slow but steady walking, the group walk should take about an hour total. The couple people who go inside any given stop to give an elevator speech/answer questions about Green Dot should be able to catch up easily to the rest.


I mentioned our plans to Tricia Tomlinson at Ben's (she told me if we email them ahead of time, since Green Dot is nonprofit, they can give all the volunteers participating in the walk a 15% off coupon. Do we have individual non-profit status or are we part of the YWCA for that purpose?)  and to the general manager at Forage. (Forage winced a little at the idea of non-customers coming in at noon so I told her that if the couple people who go in to answer questions are in the way just tell them and they will leave immediately.)


Baraka store wasn't open so I couldn't give them a heads up. I will keep trying.


** Barbara suggests connecting with the Imam on Canal St; decided to do this as a separate event

** Lewiston School Committee – Barbara suggests that a rep from Green Dot come and talk because different community groups attend.   


Practice Sessions/ Trainings/ Instructors:

Silver:  Report on sitting in on Bates faculty training:

** Much more organic;  instructors flowed in and out; handed off; not as rigid a division into parts as we had assumed.

**talked about vision of community at Bates rather than a crisis event;  example of community where people seem safe and known;  presenters were well versed in what they were doing;  

** biggest take away – presentations are much more a creature of the moment and the people;  freeing and was also “ living out of an idea “ – need to be able to respond informal, friendly way;   

**coveted clickers. (eBay – can get $1000  - $360 for 32 clickers)

**Some of the technology didn’t work - a video just wouldn’t appear - but they rolled with that, a function of truly knowing the material.

** Stipends for trainers taking time from paid work:  Jury duty model – make sure instructors know that stipends are available on case by case basis;  Also make sure that mileage will be paid. No definite decision on amount.


Misc on trainings:

** Bob Berube, gas station owner, interested in training for employees.

** Vanessa  Stasse  - housing cooperative – interested in training; attended potluck;



** 7 people did the LA webinar

** General webinars link has not happened;  

**We still have not received the promised link to the webinar we did


Communication timeline:  Peter and Susan C discussion –

** Jan requests if people have met and have reports – please circulate ahead of time.

** Internal  communications:  3 groups – younger group,  ethnic community, ambassadors;  ask 3-4 people from each of these groups to brainstorm,  an ask to energize;  importance of personal ask;

**Texting – as a way of communicating;  group texts;

**External communications:  print ads besides newspapers; visit to local mosque;  tables; personal letters;  Hannaford employees have to see videos of situations;  instructors are actors; we  perhaps make video?

Retreat:  all of getting us together for a few hours and have a facilitator; vision;  breakdown our lines of communication;