Transition Team meeting notes 12/18/2017

Green Dot LA Transition Team Meeting

Monday December 18 2017

Present:  Susan Cooper, Cindy Elias, Jan Phillips, Silver Moore-Leamon, Kathy Durgin-Leighton, Blake Reilly, Peter Elias

Potluck Dinner Planning:

  • Date:  January 22, from 5:30 – 7:30  at the YWCA
  • YWCA will provide paper products and utensils; can supplement with paper products left over from August training
  • Invitations will go to: instructors, ambassadors, community of kindness (and their partners/guests)
  • YWCA will post invitation on FB page and other PR for event
  • Instructors will get personal phone call invitation from TT members (list divided up at this meeting)
  • Leftover food to go to Trinity (mention this in invitations)
  • Activities:  speak about proactive green dots; write actions on flip charts; speakers who have had workshops might share their experience

Communication with Ambassadors:

  • First email to go out asap after December 18
  • Email will be short and highlight:  FB page, January potluck, March launch week
  • Email should be colorful, eye-catching and easy to read
  • Transition Team names at top  (Green Dot LA Transition Team (member names  invites you to…)
  • Peter will report back about using Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, or VerticalResponse for future newsletter-type communication with ambassadors; this would be a good use of Bangor Savings $
  • Is there a Bates student who could help with layout for Constant Contact etc.?   Will check with Kristin Cloutier at Harward Center after we have more info.


Launch Week.   March 5-9

Discussion about the week’s events centered around the purpose of the week – Do we want to have a fairly “quiet “ launch week or do we want to have a large event with lots of people. Consensus seemed to be that we do not have the capacity to attract a huge group of people to one event. Instead we settled on the following ideas for the week:

  • Quilt being displayed at various places during the week: city halls, chamber of commerce, store fronts, libraries, B Street etc.  Sort of a Where’s Waldo type of traveling quilt display.
  • Kathy and Jan will check with city councils about getting on their agendas for that week. Their calendars say they have Council meetings the first Monday (Auburn) and Tuesday (Lewiston) of the month.
  • Barbara had mentioned having something at LJH; discussion around this event again raised concerns about getting a large number of people and whether we would be able to attract families with children
  • Discussed possibility of inviting Bates Green Dot students and faculty to join us for large event and/or flash mob.  All in Green Dot t-shirts.
  • Suggestion of doing a flash mob event (dance of some sort) at a few venues such as grocery stores or Walmart during the week.  Perhaps have Bates student do simple choreography.  Might attract younger instructors.

Consensus was reached that city Council, quilt display and chamber of commerce seemed within our capacity. Flash mob dance idea also seemed popular.  Concerns were raised about attracting a large number of people to one large event; it seemed the group liked the idea of bringing Green Dot TO places in the community rather than trying to gather a large crowd at one main event. Discussions to continue.


PR Materials:

  • YWCA has someone, Nancy Brown, who can do business cards and rack cards for us.  Susan C. will work on these with Nancy. 


Practice Sessions:

  • Silver’s notes are on the website
  • 60 minute presentations are priority; essential to have 2 instructors for these
  • Cindy and Peter did 15-minute presentation to Minot Dems meeting on Dec. 7
  • Cindy will share her history of Green Dot notes.