Transition Team meeting notes 1/15/2018

Transition Team Minutes

January 15, 2018


Present:  Kathy, Silver, Jan, Cindy, Peter, Blake, Susan Cooper (via phone)

Next Meeting:  Monday, February 5th (location TBD, LMS or Bates)

Important availability dates:

  • Jan will be away during Launch Week
  • Cindy away Feb 8-20; Feb 27- March 1
  • Peter away Feb 14-24
  • Susan Cooper away Feb 26 – March 5


Potluck Dinner.  Monday January 22 @ YWCA


  • Ambassadors will get an email (Peter)
  • Community of Kindness will get an email reminder ( Cindy )
  • Bates – Blake will invite a few key people familiar with Green Dot

Press Release:  Natalie


  1. Jan: welcome people, find table, start eating.  Explain how to share your dots.
  2. Opening exercise:  each table will have a transition team member who will begin discussion, invite attendees to write down a green dot. Blake will create/bring proactive/reactive paper for each table.
  3. Transition Team members should be prepared with their own green dots if possible.
  4. Overview of activities since August: Plug the March 5-9 launch; Dates posted on wall and one-page handout (Cindy); FB plug (Natalie)
  5. Opportunities to be involved: ?  who is going to do this


Launch (March 5-9) Planning

  1. City Councils: both Lewiston and Auburn;  one on Tuesday, one on Thursday;  need commitment from volunteers to attend, the commitment being ~ 30 minutes; do not need to attend the entire council meeting.   Supporters should wear Green Dot t-shirts
  2. Chamber Lunch and Learn: 1-hour presentation by 2-3 instructors;  no other volunteers needed.
  3. POSSIBLE:  Lisbon Street walk holding banner, ending at Ben’s taco; perhaps offer to buy folks lunch.  Photo-op at plaza; stops at Forage, Somali stores, Guthries, Collins/Poliquin, quiet march but establish presence; this will need more volunteers for numbers.
  4. Quilt Display:  Begin at Bangor Savings Bank; identify other places for display during launch week?





  1. Business cards, note cards, rack cards and banner all in the works.
  2. Table Display - Susan says this trifold will take more time; might not be ready for launch.
  3. Materials should be as professional as possible. Begin by asking Bright for her assistance in graphics. Blake will start work on brochure working from what he already has. Another option would be hiring a Bates student to work on graphics
  4. Peter will send mission statement document to Susan Cooper.


Practice Sessions and Instructors:

  • We have had a small group attending our recent practice, including Susan Weiss, Susan Cooper, Karen Lane, Silver Moore-Leamon, Doris Bonneau, Paula Marcus Platz, Kitsie Claxton, Peter Elias, Blake Reilly.
  • Some among the group have started getting together on their own.
  • Some instructors are uncomfortable with slide show technology and have been lobbying for hard copy; 24x 36 inch on some form of hard stock; would need a minimum of three, the 3 maps with dots. Tentative pricing is about $100/each and the TT was supportive of that expense.
  • Blake and Peter will work on getting visuals for our instructors to use, starting with reviewing what he has (that might be usable or adaptable) for Bates.
  • Before the next instructor practice, will make some personal calls to engage others
  • Blake suggests we make a list of training materials and set up that we need for presentations and he and Peter and Silver will work on that. 



  • The Legal Administrators want to schedule a session on a Friday, June 22 or June 29  
  • Space to spread out is better than a small classroom
  • Peter and Silver will do this