Contact us

Green Dot LA is a group of local citizens committed to reducing power-based interpersonal violence in the Twin Cities of Lewiston and Auburn. We do not have a 'brick and mortar' office, but we are available to provide information and services in a number of ways.

Our website (where you are right now!) is a place where we can post general information about the Green Dot approach and what we are doing. It also is a way to reach out to us and ask about scheduling a presentation or workshop for your organization, group, or business.

Our Facebook Page is where we post pictures and stories about what we are doing locally, about Green Dot activities nationally, and about violence prevention. Use the link here or search on Facebook for 'green dot l-a' to find us and follow us.

We can also be reached to provide feedback or ask questions by email.

In addition, we like to wear our Green Dot t-shirts and Green Dot buttons when we are doing things in the community: working, shopping, attending local events, playing, or just hanging out. We do this on purpose, to make it easier for people to recognize us and ask questions. If you see someone with a Green Dot logo, please feel free to introduce yourself and ask about Green Dot. The more people who know about us and learn about what we are doing, the more effective the Green dot program will be in reducing violence and harm.