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Request a training

Because of COVID, we have been offering only virtual (remote) overviews.  These are 2 hours long, interactive, limited to 15 participants in a session, and done over ZOOM. ALL of our overviews and workshops are FREE.

Because bystander intervention training is most effective when it is specifically designed for the individuals involved and the context in which they live and work, we have an 'intake process' to make sure our presentations are tailored to our audiences.

If you are interested in learning more or arranging a presentation, training, or workshop for your group or organization, please submit your request with this form. Someone from our team will get back to you within a few days to learn more about your needs.

This Fall, we plan to resume offering in-person trainings ranging from short 15-minute and 30-minute overviews, one hour overviews, and workshops ranging from 2-hours to 5-hours.