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About trainings

All our overviews and trainings are FREE. For a list of coming overviews and links for signing up click here.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our team had been offering three kinds of face-to-face public trainings:

  • A very brief (10-15 minute) presentation about the Green Dot approach bystander intervention.
  • A longer (60 minute) overview of Green Dot bystander intervention, with some interactive elements so participants would come away with some tools they could use. These were usually limited to around 30 participants per session.
  • A full 5 hour workshop where participants learn the basic of the Green Dot approach to bystander intervention and come away with a 'tool kit' for use in their daily lives. These were usually limited to around 30 participants and sometimes done in a series of shorter sessions rather than one full 5-hour session.

During the pandemic, we were unable to safely do face-to-face overviews or workshops and switched to 2-hour virtual overviews using Zoom. As of January 2022 we plan to resume in-person overviews and workshops, but will pivot back to using our interactive 'virtual overview' if Covid activity makes that necessary. Our virtual events are limited to groups of up to 15 adult (16 and older) participants per session. 

The schedule of upcoming overviews and signup information are here.